Monday, July 18, 2005

Another Cheezy Bid for Something Resembling Literary Imortality

In the comments to Barista's post on last Friday's blogger get together, "Radiant with Anonymity" ej asks:

What is the poetically correct name for group of bloggers?

I was going to put a comment up with a couple of suggestions but technical problems got in the way. After a little, insomnia addled reflection, I've decided to have a crack at emulating Richard Dawkin's proud achievement of getting a new word (meme) into the OED: with a bit of luck, and some blogospheric assistance, I might just crack it. So just as we can speak of a murder of crows, an exaltation of larks or a disputation of baristers, I suggest that we adopt "rantwittering" (pronounced rant-wittering not ran-twittering) as the collective term for bloggers. Try it out loud - "A rant-wittering of bloggers" - doesn't it just roll off the tongue?

Incidentally, if you're talking about a collection of RWDB bloggers, there's a more specific collective noun: it's a fulmination of RWDBs. How you pronounce the RWDB part is entirely up to you.

With that out of the way, it's time to tidy up the house a bit. The dog-sitting ends tomorrow so I'll be saying goodbye to insomnia in Melbourne's Outer Leafies and hello to anomie and alienation in her Not Quite Inner Nondescripts tomorrow afternoon. Did anyone watch Insomnia on Channel Seven last night? Such a happy ending; the poor bloke finally got some rest.

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