Monday, April 17, 2006

Pejorative, Bloggers for The Use Of

While pottering around in my backroom wordsmithery the other day, I came up with a new acronym that might just fill a need: NOOMPTY. It stands for "Not Out of My Pocket, Thank You!" Noompties are those voters with very sensitive hip pocket nerves whose opinions - usually at second or third hand, throught the writings of the opinionistas and politicos - dominate so much of the debate on social and economic policy these days. They are closely related to nimbies, indeed the two conditions are not mutually exclusive.

And while I was planning to work "Noompty" into a future post, it seems a little contrived to go looking for an issue that will give me an excuse to use it. So do feel free to pick it up and use it yourselves.


Brownie said...

Perfect example of a NOOMPTY is the letter-writer who objects to Medicare funded Pregnancy Terminations, without realising that very frequently, a failure to terminate will cost 'his pocket' SIXTEEN years of Supporting Mother Benefit - a far greater amount.

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