Thursday, October 12, 2006

Quadre Watch

RECENT speeches by our Great Prime Minister John Howard and the running dog deviationist Petro Georgiou have led many revisionist reactionary hyenas to lament the decline of small-l liberals in our great Liberal Party and the betrayal of the Menzies tradition of liberalism. But stand back and look at the true history of our great nation and today's great Cultural Revolution and you will find a different story.
A member of the elite Quadre (Quadre Member X) in Wednesday’s Oz. Later in the article, Quadre Member X reveals the heinous influence of the running dogs of deviationism in the Western Australian education system:
To take one example: the reading list recommended for students of Year 12 English in West Australian state schools is scandalously unbalanced towards the Left, including Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and Henry Reynolds. I have not seen equivalent lists for other states but I think it safe to say Edmund Burke, Friedrich Hayek and Keith Windschuttle are probably not stars on any of them…

I couldn’t find a recommended reading list for Year 12 English in WA Schools – the closest I got was a list of suggested texts which includes two works by John Pilger and two by Henry Reynolds. Quadre Member X is quite right in saying there’s nothing by Edmund Burke, Friedrich Hayek or Keith Windschuttle. There’s nothing by Chomsky either, unless he was writing under one of the pen-names Germaine Greer, Kaz Cooke or Naomi Klein.

Update: a hat tip to commenter deej who found Ayn Rand's novel The Fountainhead listed in the Year 11 novels, right above Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. Orwell's Animal Farm is in there too.

More Update: Today's Oz includes a scandalously revisionist attack on the Elite Quadre by lickspittle lackey of leftist reaction, Dennis Glover.


deej said...

I really can't believe that the Fountainhead is listed on an English syllabus. Maybe it's there as an example of how not to write?

Also, the names that they left out in their stinging criticism indicate only a passing familiarity with a number of the listed authors and what they have written.

phil said...

They only have a passing familiarity with real life, let alone what may or may not be taught in schools.