Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quadre Watch

WHY do the lackeys of Leftist counter-revolution in the media devote so much space to non-stories? At times in the Australian media it seems that if we were to subtract the latest leadership speculation, opinion poll results, windbag commentary, public relations beat-ups and celebrity gossip, little would remain but the weather forecast.

Journalists in the larger media organs tend to treat with disdain and avoid what are usually called human interest stories, yet these are a great potential source of edification, drama and amusement.

Most journalists could learn a lesson from local newspapers, urban and rural, which are widely underrated yet employ many reporters with genuine enthusiasm and curiosity for news.

A heroic council road maintenance employee, seeing a pothole in the road at a level crossing, filled it in a few minutes, in accordance with the precepts of our beloved Prime Minister and Leader and went on with his work in true revolutionary spirit. He did not know that this pothole had been the subject of a demarcation dispute between his Leftist reactionary dominated council and the Leftist reactionary bureaucrats of the rail authority, and was unfairly reprimanded by his Socialist bosses.

Elite Quadre George Thomas in the National People’s Daily.

Hat Tip: to Phil Gomes at Larvatus Prodeo.

Postscript: Here's an example of the kind of story that many journalists could learn a lesson from: a tale of heroic resistance to Left wing social engineering from the front page of one of my local letter box stuffers.

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