Saturday, October 21, 2006

A True Tale of Local Wonder

I was browsing through on-line versions of a few Leader Community Newspapers this afternoon, seeking material for an off-blog writing project and I came across another one of those reports in the local papers that could teach the big boys a thing or two. In the Sunbury Leader of 16 October, Natalie Schenken reports:

SUNBURY inventor Arthur O'Connor is the brainchild behind the first Australian-developed noiseless wind turbine.
Hume Council has agreed to a 12-month trial of an O'Connor Hush Energy micro wind turbine at the Sunbury Works Depot.

The former funeral director has taken a quantum leap in his career from organising funerals to selling wind power.
Mr O'Connor said the turbine had been 24 years in the making and he had had it patented in 62 countries.
Mr O'Connor decided last year to sell his funeral business and concentrate full-time on his goal of revolutionising wind power worldwide.

The micro wind turbine will create clean, green power from wind energy connected to the electricity grid.
The one-metre turbine looks similar to a small jet engine and could potentially halve residential electricity bills. The turbines are expected to cost about $6000 each.
Mr O'Connor plans to produce models with diameters of one to five metres.
The Sunbury Works Depot office was chosen as the location for the trial because it is similar to a house.
The trial will involve monitoring of the electricity grid's connection performance, visual impact and noise.

Marvellous stuff to be sure – but now I want to know more about the unnamed whiz-kid who came up with the idea of creating an artificial funeral director that dreamed of becoming a real inventor. Compared to this tale, the story of Pinnocchio is a mere kitchen sink drama.

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