Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Wrap-Up, Like

So, 'ow were your Easter? Happily unproductive, I 'ope - gets a bit of a grind otherwise, d'n't it? All them responsibilities to't nation's economy an't state and national Ruperts goin' on at y'r about what y'r s'posed to think all't time.

I 'a'n't 'ad a bad weekend me sen. Got a new toy Thursd'y. 'T were hand-me-down Windows box. Managed to buy cheap, end-o'-line ADSL modem off web too. Wi' luck, that'll be delivered later in't week.

Meanwhile, I've divided me time, in roughly equal measure, between hookin' grunty new Windows box on't floor by' t desk to't grunty owd Linux box on't floor by't desk an' settin' round bein' an owd grumpy drawers. Give or take a couple o' times when I were a bit of a mardy pants about one o't' cock-ups that 'appened while I were workin' on't PCs like. Oh, an' I've wasted a bit o't time on th'Internet an' all, puttin' up blog posts.

Well, that's enough o' th'owd d'motic. I'll bet y'r reet sick of it be now.

There are no ratings over Easter - apparently - which means the free-to-air stations fill their schedules with repeats of old crap, rather than this year's brand new crap. So we had a chance to catch up on spooks and I got a chance - while comrade Bakunin was out of the house - to take a look at one of the two DVDs I was lent recently. If I can find a way to do some frame capture, there's at least one photoblog in the first DVD. If not, I'll have to tackle the subject another way.

As for old grumpy drawers, here - well, besides the crap TV situation, he had no shortage of things to moan about. You should hear him go on about "bloody Phillips head screws" and the crap design of PCs. From the outside they look boring - which is fine, there's nothing wrong with a plain looking, utilitarian machine. It's when you open the buggers up that you see the problem; on the inside, they're a lot like the steam traction engines of the nineteenth century. The latter were the topic of that second DVD. It's narrated by a steam traction engine buff. It was his comments on the way they were developed and improved that suggested the bizarre analogy.

And that's it for the enigmatic moustache twirling. I'll bugger off again now.

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