Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Fine Moment From Mr 38 Percent

Gary Ramage of The Australian* took the original photo - I doctored it a bit. I doubt that this little gesture from John Howard to his opposite number is going to go over too well with the 48% of voters who prefer Rudd as Prime Minister. It might swing a few of the 14% of voters who are undecided against Howard too. Sometimes it's surprisingly painful what a momentary lapse into infantile self-indulgence will cost you.

(via The Ostrahyun)

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Caroline. (The Link is Missing.) said...

You would only buy petrol from this guy if the other petrol station was closed.

I love this photo, but more do I love, the editor who published it.

tee hee!

what a prick, what a gonner, what a bitter little pill this has been to swallow for the lil' bloke.