Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Santoro Watch

Last week I developed a bit of a fascination with Senator Santo Santoro's performance in Monday's sitting of the Senate Committee on Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. I did intend to go through every piece of evidence [of ABC bias] that Senator Santoro presented but, as usually happens, the BlogGeist has moved on to other things. In the interests of wrapping up the Where There's Muck series, I've gone through the rest of last week's Hansards for the committee, to prepare a summary of the good Senator's contributions to the committee proceedings for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, when the committee dealt mostly with matters relating to Telstra, Senator Santoro put the following questions to witnesses:

On Wednesday when the committee heard from the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Sports Drug Agency, Senator Santoro offered the following insightful comments:

On Thursday, it was the turn of the Department of the Environment and Heritage [to come] under Senator Santoro's microscope:

And finally, on Friday, Senator Santoro finished up a brilliant week with a few light-hearted interjections:

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