Monday, June 02, 2003

What I'm Reading This Week

I picked up Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem: A report on the banality of evil at the local library yesterday. It's incomplete: there are a couple of damaged pages early in the book. Here, for example is the first paragraph of Chapter II as it appears in my library's copy:

n of Karl Adolf Eichmann and Maria nee Scheefer-
a suburb of Buenos Aires on the evening of May 11,
Israel nine days later, brought to trial in the District
alem on April 11, 1961, stood accused on fifteen
er with others" he had committed crimes against the
, crimes against humanity, and war crimes during
riod of the Nazi regime and especially during the pe-
Second World War. The Nazis and Nazi Collaborators
nt) Law of 1950, under which he was tried, provides
erson who has committed one of these ... offenses ...
to the death penalty". To each count Eichmann pleaded:
guilty in the sense of the indictment."

Reading on, it's pretty obvious that there's something crucial missing on the torn off corner of paper - so if anyone can provide me with the full text, I'd appreciate it a lot. Well, a bit anyway. What has me stumped is how, short of someone running out of matches and needing to light their cigarette off the gas heater, that big a corner can get torn off the page of a book in the first place.

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