Saturday, September 06, 2003

And Now For The Bottom Ten

Recently, Scott Wickstein called on Oz Bloggers to

nominate 10 Australians that you think had the biggest impact on our country in the 20th century.

I think enough time has elapsed that I can decently propose a follow-up without stealing Scott's thunder. A listing of the ten least influential Australians of the twentieth century is out of the question; no-one knows who they were. Instead I'm going to call for your nominations of the 10 greatest bungles in Australian history, from the First Settlers to the present day. Feel free to name the guilty parties as well.

Like Scott, I'm going to withold my list until results are in, firstly because I don't want to prejudice the results with premature suggestions of my own, and secondly because I can't be buggered doing the research right now. My one stipulation is that naming the event and those responsible isn't enough to get a guernsey in the final aggregated list; each nominee needs at least a short justification to get in. Results Monday week.

Update: Rob Schaap has an extensive list of candidates up at his blog.

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