Wednesday, September 03, 2003

This Looks Like It Could Take A While

Responding to Scott Wickstein's call for bloggers to nominate the 10 most influential Australians of the Twentieth Century, Jack Strocchi has posted his list of the 10 greatest Australians, with the tag my un-docile decile. I have no idea how big a decile of all Australians who lived during the twentieth century would be, but I'm sure it's a few orders of magnitude more than the mere ten Jack lists. Off-hand two million seems a reasonable guesstimate, leaving Jack with only 1,999,990 more to get through.

There's no doubt that Jack has begun the most ambitious series in the history of Australian blogging: if he keeps posting ten names a day, it will take the best part of six centuries to get through them all. Could this be the beginning of a Strocchi family tradition?

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