Monday, September 01, 2003

Get Out of There Rover!

I don't usually post jokes on my blog; of all the jokes that I've ever heard, there are only about two or three that I still find funny. A comment by Bargarz here reminded me of this one about a young man who is invited to dinner with his girlfriend's family.

During the soup course, the new boyfriend suffers the embarassment of Abu Hassan, hero of one of the tales from the Thousand and One Nights. His girlfriend's father (Dad) looks under the table, where the family dog is lurking, and says "Get out of there Rover!" The new boyfriend is doubly relieved: his social blunder has been blamed on the dog so there is no need for him to slink out to the stables and ride off into the night to spend the next ten years in self-imposed exile.

Instead, he takes Dad's order to the dog as a licence to relieve himself ad libidem; twice more during the main course he gives Dad reason to look under the table and say "Get out of there Rover!" Finally, when he lets rip during dessert, Dad says "For Gawd's sake Rover, get out of there, before the bastard shits on you!"

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