Friday, November 28, 2003

Talkback Moments

The big talking point on ABC Melbourne Radio this morning was, of course, the ALP leadership and the future direction of the Australian Labor Party. There was a lot of support for Kevin Rudd as leader, with Julia Gillard as deputy leader. A few callers preferred the idea of a Carmen Lawrence/Julia Gillard leadership - even the mention of Carmen's convenient loss of memory in the Penny Easton affair wasn't enough to take the gloss off that idea.

One call was amusing enough to be worth reconstructing. I can't remember the name of the caller, so I'll call him Alf.

Alf: I just want to say that until the Labor does summat about its immigration Policy, I'm going to be keep for Australians Against Further Immigration. I don't need to say owt more than that.

Jon Faine: I'd like you to say more than that Alf. It's an interesting position and I'd like to know more about your thinking on this isssue.

Alf: Well I've always thought that Australia was overpopulated - it's got nowt to do with where you come from or who you pray to, we just don't need any more people coming into the country.

A later caller was inspired to some deep reflections on the world situation and national politics by these lyrics, which she quoted extensively in her call. I wasn't similarly inspired.

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