Friday, November 28, 2003

You'd Better Watch Out ... (Redux)

I was Googling the news today, checking for op-ed pieces of the "Every kid has the right to a visit from Santa" variety. Apparently there's a push on to get this added to the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. So far I haven't found anything, particularly not in Australia, but as the holiday season doesn't officially start here until the PM appears on talkback radio declaring his belief in Santa and castigating the slaves of political correctness who would deny children their Santa rights, I'm not alarmed about that, rather alert in a comfortable and relaxed way.

I did find a number of reports which led me to this guest column by Harvey Fierstein, in the New York Times. In it Fierstein announces that:

... tomorrow, to the delight of millions of little children (not to mention the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court), the Santa in New York's great parade will be half of a same-sex couple.

And guess who the other half will be? Me! Harvey Fierstein, nice Jewish boy from Bensonhurst, dressed in holiday finery portraying the one and only Mrs. Claus.

Macy's quickly moved to hose down Harvey's claim, pointing out that the official Mrs Santa Claus in their Thanksgiving Parade would be a real woman. World Net Daily, a site previously unknown to me, also covers this little kerfuffle, with a link to their on-line store where you can buy an old magazine exposing Harvey's secret agenda. There are some good stocking stuffers in their on-line Christmas Store too.

Whatever Harvey's secret agenda is, it doesn't appear to have caught the attention of too many of the kids in the crowd.

Update: The Australian has jumped the offical start of the holiday season with this report from Agence France-Presse on a partial Santa ban in the New Zealand "village" of Mosgiel.

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