Friday, January 09, 2004

Today's Yoof

I did a quick drive by Asymmetrical Information today (it's listed for the Koufax "Best Conservative/Non-Librul Award") and, from there, on to this article from The Economist on the fall of yet another once proud and flourishing British industry:

“Standards are down,” asserts Terry Smith, who carried out a string of security van robberies in 1980s London. “Most robbers now get caught up in drugs, and they don't plan properly. The professionalism has gone.”

Old crooks nearly always resent upstarts, but those who used to make a living out of armed robbery have particular reason to be bitter. Tracking devices, hidden cameras and improvements in forensic science have hardened banks, vans and other traditionally lucrative targets so much that pulling on a balaclava scarcely seems worthwhile.

Further evidence, as if any were needed, of the continuing decline in standards of personal and professional conduct. And to think people used to bitch about the Kray Twins (aka the Piranha Brothers).

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