Friday, January 09, 2004

Vote the Graveyard

And, while you're at it, vote the entire east side of the Esplanade in Surfer's Paradise (apparently it's a fine old Labor tradition in Queensland).

Like several other Aussie bloggers, I'm up for a couple of those Koufax Awards. I figure I stand a better chance there than I do at the 2004 Oz Blog Awards where the smart money would probably be on Tim Blair to win the most Humorous Blog award.

At least one blogger, WA's Robert Corr has been nominated for the most Humorous Blog by his blogfoes, in much the same spirit as a Canadian student was recently elected Valedictorian for his high school graduation. Which makes you wonder how many nominations Tim is getting from people who think his blog is funny and how many he's getting from people who think that he just can't help being funny. The answer to that question is obviously an unknown, but is it a known unknown or the other kind?

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