Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good TV Stuff

Scrubs turned up on Seven last night at 11.30pm. The Age Green Guide program listings, which seem to be a bit up the pole this week, had Arrested Development listed in that slot.

Totally unremarked by the Green Guide's reviewers, as they continue their tedious in-house competition to produce the most sarcastically dismissive review of the worst program or film they can find on any given night is Push, Nevada on Seven at midnight tonight. Allegedly. It began a few weeks ago, with Internal Revenue Service Field Agent Jim Prufrock (first name Alfred), travelling to the town of Push, Nevada (sorry, I've temporarily forgotten the correct usage of eponymous) to investigate a possible case of tax fraud. From there it got weird. It's a lot like Twin Peaks with hotter weather. Diverting enough to be worth rescheduling with the assistance of a VCR. Assuming that you can trust Seven to stick to the program guide.

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