Saturday, March 11, 2006

Vale John Profumo

John Profumo, a major figure in the history of the British Labour Party, died peacefully yesterday after suffering a stroke. He is survived by relatives and the Conservative establishment.


phil said...

Well he would, wouldn't he?

Steve Hayes said...

Aye, well, mmmm.

After thinking about it, I suppose he did play a significant role in the history of the Labour Party.

Brownie said...

Phil your link guy has 'Davis' for Miss Rice-Davies, now living in Florida I believe. I loved her for that comment, which must be assessed knowing she was only 19 and in the (intimidating) establishment dock and surrounded by the same 'class' as Profumo, which was not her own.
Today the Sunday Times has a kind summary of Profumo's post trial demeanor.

Anonymous said...

These days they would get Ivanov to denounce terrorism and that would be that.

And Steven Ward would endorse viagra in ads on Channel 5.

- barista

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