Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Wrap Up

They came, they saw, they got their arses kicked. GMB is still posting abusive comments, which I'm deleting. JC seems to have got the message - I've heard nothing from him so far. Incidentally, Jason Soon tells me that GMB is already something of an internet legend so I guess in his case the legend just grew a little.

One unforeseen consequence was an extensive rant from RH - also deleted, which I now regret - on The Currency Lad's deficiencies of character. It would have made a good entry for a new series I'm considering - Matelot of the Month - where I publish the most flagrantly obscene, abusive comment I've seen while moderating the blog. While I think this has good "name, shame and discredit" value, there's the slight problem that the bloggers abused by these raving head th' balls generally don't like being called c*nts etc. Let me know what you think and we might find a way to handle it.

For now, it's time to listen to some Puccini highlights time while I read the info kit I've just received from the State Library of Victoria on their Argus indexing project. I want to get my head around it pretty quickly. With luck, I might find out what eventually happened about that dead baby in Toorak while I'm reading through musty old volumes and writing up index cards for all the articles. My little contribution to Australian history - but I'm told it's a valuable one.


Anonymous said...

That wikipedia page is the funniest thing I've read in months. At least we know "it's nothing personal" as this guy is identical, wherever he goes.

Helen said...

Is conservatism an intellectual disability? You be the judge!

(Via Pandagon)

Helen said...

Where's Full Canvas Jacket when you need it? Alas, he gave up in 2000. GMB deserves to be up there with the very best ranters, like Jerry Howe.

I got personally flamed by Jerry Howe (US dog-specialist lunatic) when on usenet finding out about a condition my dog had. He implied in a sinister fashion that she'd end up savaging me. Yeah, I'm out of shape with all that licking.

Crystal said...

loved the WikiWeight Stoush too thanks.
The New McCarthy definitely knows how to alienate anybody.

Brownie said...

Is Conservatism an intellectual disability?
"The authors (of the study), presumably aware of the outrage they were likely to trigger, added a disclaimer that their study "does not mean that conservatism is pathological or that conservative beliefs are necessarily false".

of course it doesn't. it means conservative beliefs are a Personality Disorder. we knew that.

Gummo Trotsky said...

That Wiki page is a beaut isn't it.

Not a peep out of the Comrade in two days.

Guess he's finally got it too.

Fyodor said...

Oh so very sorry to have missed the original stoush. Not to be overly critical, Trotters, but you cut that thread WAAAAY too early.

I definitely think Dumb & Dumberer need their own blog. Their talents should be concentrated in a pure form where they could be ogled like other freaks of nature.

Missy Higgins' PA, I want to kiss you all over, particularly if you're a girl.

Gummo Trotsky said...

Sorry to disappoint Fyodor - but once you've got your negatives processed, it's time to print up the ten by eight glossies and put them in the envelope.

Fyodor said...

You're clearly not grasping the potential of your brilliance here.

It's like capturing a Tasmanian Tiger, taking photos of it then letting the bugger loose...when you should clearly kill it, mount it and charge admission to see it.

That's the [well, one of them, anyhoo] problem with you commie mass-murderers: no appreciation for the profit motive.

derrida derider said...

JC is just an unpleasant troll, but reading GMB I honestly think he needs professional help. He's clinically paranoid.

Don't let him find out your physical address Gummo - someone in that state of mind is not funny.

Gummo Trotsky said...

Appreciate the concern DD but let's keep things in perspective. I live in a big city on a big continent and there are several hundereds of millions of people out there who connect to the WWW daily. And yes, occasionally someone will wander into one of your personal Interweb haunts and say stuff you might find a bit threatening. But the likelihood that you'll encounter them in the flesh is miniscule, unless you go out of your way to make it happen.

All the same, I won't be posting my exact physical location on the Webs anytime soon nor will I go providing a map of all the mean streets I go down occasionally, trying my damnedest to be a man who is not himself mean.

Anonymous said...

Rafe got hoist by his own petard. You Know Who has been calling him a communist recently on unapproved comments to catallaxy. If I let him loose he would monopolise the whole goddarned blog with his paranoia.


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